About Digital Transcription

Digital dictation is the recording of voice in a digital format. There are many advantages over the traditional analogue recording in that:
  • Recording quality does not deteriorate.

  • Sound files or tapes do not get "chewed" up.

  • Add dictation within the recording without erasing existing dictation.

  • Prioritising important parts of the recording is easy with digital.

  • An urgent digital sound file can be divided between more than one typist for speed of transcription.

Sending a file for transcription is as easy as attaching it to an email and clicking the "send" button.

Audio & Digital Transcription

At JAB Business Services we provide an effective and confidential transcription service for all types of businesses. Whether the project is large and small with JAB you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

Our experienced typists specialise in the latest technology for audio and digital transcription, which can be sent to us electronically via email or delivered on tape and then return to you either via email in various formats or hard copy through the postal system whichever is your preference.

This service is available to all types of organisations including solicitors, accountants, cost draftsman, universities, large and small businesses, students, conference companies, market research agencies), authors, letting and estate agents - whatever your business, audio and digital transcription can help you.

What we do

We undertake transcription work for the preparation of: bill of costs, legal documents, HIP, interviews, conferences, teleconferences, correspondence or reports, seminars, meetings, lectures plus many more.

If you have a transcription enquiry or would like to request a price for transcription please contact us for a no obligation chat.

Typing Time

An average of 15 minutes dictation takes approximately 1 hour to type, but is dependent upon:
  • Clarity of the person/people speaking
  • Clarity of the tape/file provided
  • Accents of speaker(s)
  • The speed at which the dictator(s) speak
  • Content and amount of technical terminology