JAB Business Services Limited is a UK based company...

...offering a suite of services to businesses both large and small who do not have the resource or time to fulfil their particular requirements.

Our services include:
  • Digital/Audio transcription
  • Copy typing services
  • Secretarial and administration
  • Printing and design plus much more...
No matter what type of service you are looking for, if we at JAB cannot help you directly, using our Client list, we will recommend a suitable business to assist you.

Our Team

All our team are UK based fully experienced in all aspects of secretarial and typing skills.

Are you drowning in your work or stressing with to much paperwork?

Why not call us and try our professional, confidential & reliable service.

Our company has worked with JAB Business for a number of years now with regard to transcribing meeting notes. The service provided is always prompt and efficient and I am more than happy with the work that has been done for us.

HR Manager
Financial Services Company